Words On A Wall – OUT NOW!

covers_new.inddMonsters, cryogenics, relationships, religion, war, dragons, cannibalism, angels, demons, space exploration, aliens, beans, eyes, traffic cones, gods, Chicago, pot plants, robots, a dive bar on Mars, goblins, heart break, July, cake, bees, geese, peacock flavour crisps and time travel are just some of the things you’ll find in this eclectic collection of flash fiction and poetry.

Originally written for the Elephant Words website where writers are challenged to produce a new short piece of writing each week inspired by a picture posted to the site, this series of short stories, scenes and poems charts the musings and preoccupations of award winning writer, Ian Sharman.

“Writing for Elephant Words gave me the freedom to experiment with my writing, play with words, try new things and really stretch myself,” commented Ian.

At times incredibly dark and deeply personal but often very, very silly, Words On A Wall is out now!


Mi Sweetheart #1 – OUT NOW!

covers_new.inddMi Sweetheart #1 is available now on Comixology!

Mi Sweethart is easily the world’s greatest secret agent, it’s really no contest. But a holiday would be nice, so for the first time since she was eighteen, Mi is taking a break … or she would be if it weren’t for the sword-wielding assassin in her back garden.

Thanks to Mi’s unihemispheric sleep pattern (it’s a real thing, look it up!), Mi never has to stop. While some would squander this extra time watching acclaimed TV drama, Mi has spent it becoming the best at everything, but will being the best be enough for what’s coming? Mi Sweethart could beat up your Dad.


Written by Sam head with art by Rachel Nutkins, download Mi Sweetheart #1 today!


Tao-Boy and Engine on DriveThruComics!

covers_new.inddOut now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

Tao-Boy and Engine

In a mystical world where technology and magic collide, an unlikely hero named Tao-Boy teams up with an eccentric android on a life-or-death rescue mission.

Their adventure takes them through dangerous realms and into battles with bizarre creatures. But our heroes will never be the same once destiny brings them face-to-face with the sinister ruler of the land – the cannibalistic Eelyaki, who is tracking their every move.

Click HERE to download Tao-Boy and Engine on DriveThruComics now!

Madison Dark #2 – OUT NOW!

Madison Dark #2 is available on Comixology now!

With increasing supernatural terror attacks across New York, Poe’s investigations take him straight to the IDDU – and the mysterious Madison Dark. Eager to score an exclusive interview with her, Poe puts his life on the line… and enters a world of inter-dimensional terror and a pending war with the Proto-Gods…

Written by Andy Briggs with art by Francesco Conte, download Madison Dark #2 today!